My articles

Here's some articles that I've written on topics that come up often in discussion.

Metrics Driven Development

In order to gain insight into application usage, we need to log useful information. But what is useful information? How do analytics and business intelligence platforms extract information? 6 January 2020

Semantic CSS Selectors

CSS and HTML are co-dependent documents, and writing two very different documents simultaneously is hard. Can they be written semantically? 6 December 2019

Respectful font size

Designers cannot assume to know what user accessibility requirements or preferences are. I discuss here how to select font sizes while being respectful to our users. 26 August 2019

Scaling Web Servers for Production

In high volume sites, server scaling is a tradeoff between providing acceptable performance level to users, and minimising excess capacity. 19 July 2019

Fetching Data in Single Page Applications

Triggers to fetch data in Single Page Applications are often coupled to component renders. But we can, and perhaps should decouple it into other events 16 July 2019

Semantic Javascript Testing With Jest

Testing ensures that our observations meets our expectations. But often the observations, and thus expectations are highly complex, and describing them in tests becomes complex. I discuss how to increase the semantic value of tests. 5 July 2019

The Evolution of Frontend Paradigms

Frontend frameworks and libraries have evolved across generations to increasing abstraction, let's have a look at how that happened, and what each new generation offers over the previous. 4 July 2019

Demystifying State Management

State management is the probably the hardest aspect of frontend and backend programming, let's demystify it using some techniques from Engineering Control Theory. 29 June 2019